Sheffield – Shakespeare Pub

This pub, which is now in the Good Beer Guide, has had a difficult few years involving closure and a substantial refurbishment before it reopened. But, it’s now an established and popular pub again, with an entry into the Good Beer Guide.

This is a marvellous thing to see on the entrance into the pub, although perhaps Ross might have privately disagreed…..

The kegs and casks list, all very clear and I like the title of Shakesbeers.

The Milky Joe coffee milk stout from Ridgeside Brewery, an entirely acceptable beer with a pleasant flavour, although it lacked the depth of taste that I’d have ideally liked. However, still drinkable and it was at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature. The service was polite and efficient, with the staff being keen to help and offer assistance to customers.

The external yard of the pub, where the stabling was once located for the horses when it was a coaching inn. The interior of the pub has been knocked about since it was opened in the early nineteenth century (although I had thought it was an earlier building, it had that sort of atmosphere), although I didn’t spend long trying to work out what went where. There are though several smaller rooms, with the whole pub having a real character to it, although I’d like to return when it’s quieter as I didn’t really get chance to have a proper look around the building. Another very deserved entry in the Good Beer Guide, which notes that this pub has served over 5,000 different beers over the last seven years.