Sheffield – Bar Stewards

Excuse Scott in the above photo, he’d just had two half pints of beer in under an hour. This micro-pub opened in 2016 in what had previously been a boarded up row of shops.

The keg and cask beer list with what I thought was a well curated choice of options.

The bar of this micropub and shop, which is relatively small in size, but it has a quirky and laid-back feel to it. My only comment is that it is a micropub, as if it wasn’t listed in the Good Beer Guide, I might not have visited it because initially I thought it was primarily a shop. The service was efficient and the staff members seemed knowledgeable about the beer options, although I’d have been rather surprised if they hadn’t been.

This is the Festive Star from Northern Monk brewery, which confused me for a while as I couldn’t work out what the taste was that I wasn’t getting. It transpired to be cinnamon, probably because that’s not a flavour that I’m used to in beer. When I realised what it was (only after Nathan had told me) it made much more sense and had a very Christmasy feel. This is certainly a beer which would go brilliantly well with a Festive Bake from Greggs.