Sheffield – Crow Inn

Formerly known as the Sleep Hotel and the Old Crown Hotel, the Crow entered the Good Beer Guide in 2019. The building has a rather more murky past, as a drinker was murdered here in 1859 when sitting in one of the pub’s snug areas. It was also a pub used during the Chartist protests and also suffered during what are now the infamous Sheffield Gang Wars in the 1920s.

The local media reported the 1859 murder:

“About ten o’clock on Monday night James Lindley, saw-grinder, was shot while sitting at the Crown Inn, Sheffield. The ball entered his left temple and lodged behind the eye. He is expected to die. Lindley had previously been shot at, and attempts had been made to blow up his house, and he has now, no doubt, been shot for refusing to join the Sawgrinders’ Union”.

The union was also known as the Ratteners and was a violent organisation, it attempted to destroy residential and commercial buildings, with violence and injury being commonplace.

Anyway, enough of the history of the building and back to the present. The selection of keg beers was well measured and interesting.

I had some difficulty photographing the pump fronts as it was busy, but I had the Praline Stout from Lost Industry brewery. This was excellent, although I notice that some on-line reviews don’t agree, with a depth of taste to it and a flavour of sugar and nuts (the beer I mean, not the on-line reviews).

The pub was welcoming and the staff member at the bar was friendly and efficient, with the prices being reasonable. It was busy during our visit, but we were able to find a table after a while, and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. A well deserved entrant into the Good Beer Guide.