London – Westminster (Borough of) – Brewdog Paddington

I’m still working my way around Brewdogs in the UK, although, unfortunately, not quite as fast as I’d like. Anyway, this is their outlet in Paddington, a sizeable affair located by the Floating Pocket Park. There’s some work going on outside the front of the pub, but it is in there somewhere on this photo.

This is probably a better photo, it’s what the Brewdog looks out onto.

The beer list and I went for The Boogie Below, a milkshake IPA from New Bristol Brewery. They did have a very tempting imperial stout, the Brush from Omnipollo, but it was £8 for a third of a pint and I’m not as decadent as Nathan. Anyway, back to the drink I actually did have, it was suitably summery and refreshing with the pineapple and coconut being evident in the taste. A lingering aftertaste and at an appropriate chilled temperature, all rather lovely.

This is a good idea, something that probably works alongside Deskdog, which is an area that people can get work done. I’m not sure how popular a designated separate area would be, as I like sitting in the main part of the pub, but it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.


And the interior is so on-trend it slightly hurts, but it’s still comfortable, welcoming and fun. The beer choices were excellent and there was a range of different styles, with the staff being knowledgeable as usual. This is rather a decent addition to the Brewdog chain, although it wasn’t particularly busy when I visited on a Tuesday lunchtime.

The staff were friendly and engaging, with the track and trace requirements being met and everything was clean and organised. Brewdog took over here from Draft House, who still operate a few pubs across London, in early 2019. All told, a rather lovely visit.