London – Croydon (Borough of) – Church of St. Peter

This church is in South Croydon, but it’s visible from Croydon itself and I felt that it deserved further exploration. It’s well proportioned and has avoided the generic and bland designs that some Victorian churches have suffered from. The designer was the brilliant George Gilbert Scott and it was built between 1849 and 1851.

The four-stage tower, not entirely dissimilar in style to some medieval churches in Norfolk, although that’s a substantial window.

The graveyard is in pretty decent shape with no litter or badly maintained areas, although it’s evidently now nearly full.

This is from the archives of the Church of the England and they think that this document might have been created by George Gilbert Scott, it shows the free and let areas of seating in the church.

And this is George Gilbert Scott’s work, the design of the church.