London – Croydon (Borough of) – Queen’s Gardens

One review I read about Croydon commented that the best place to visit in the town was the Queen’s Gardens. These was the site of a railway station which wasn’t entirely successful, but in around 1900 the location was used for the Town Hall and the town’s police station.

Here there are at the moment, seemingly partly demolished and closed off. I have no idea what they’re planning to do with the site, as Croydon Borough Council’s web-site seems to think they’re still open. I assume that they’re creating something new for the large housing project being constructed here, but the current situation isn’t perhaps ideal….

The situation 100 years ago, the train tracks are visible on the right hand side, and the park is where the town hall and police station were once located. This has all gone now and the road between them is now much wider.