Index of Places Long Since Visited

Locations visited in the past…..



Peterborough, UK

Poznan, Poland and Gniezno, Poland

Hayes, London, Hounslow, London and Harlington, London

Kiev, Ukraine

Poltava, Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

Brighton, East Sussex


Aldershot, Hampshire

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lewes and Newhaven, East Sussex

Riga, Latvia

Szczytno, Poland

Mragowo, Poland

Olsztyn, Poland

Lake District


Smuggler’s Trod Challenge Walk, UK

Ely, UK

Wisbech, UK

Madrid, Spain

Seville, Spain

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Heathrow T3 BA Lounge, UK

London, UK (just briefly)

Limoges, France

Trier, Germany

Gdansk, Poland

Grudziądz, Poland

Ridgeway, UK

Canterbury, UK

Luxembourg City and Thionville, Luxembourg and France

Bremen, Germany

Aarhus, Denmark

Coast to Coast Two  [ Day 0Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6 | Day 6+1 ]

The below trips I’ve bored people with on Facebook over the years. I might go back at some stage and copy the photos over, with added commentary. I’ve gone back five years from the time I wrote this (June 2018). However, writing these up might take some time….

April 2018 – Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff and Bournemouth (UK)

February 2018 – Szczecin, Warsaw and Lodz (Poland)

January 2018Los Angeles, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville and Las Vegas (United States)

January 2018 – Dublin (Ireland)

November 2017Bydgoszcz and Katowice (Poland)

October 2017Oradea (Romania), Wroclaw (Poland) and Bedford (UK)

September 2017 – Budapest and Visegrad (Hungary)

August 2017 – Bath and Nottingham (UK)

June 2017 – Hadrian’s Wall 2017

May 2017 – Carcassonne and Narbonne (France)

April 2017 – Southampton and Huntingdon (UK)

March 2017 – Budapest (Hungary) and Lublin (Poland)

January 2017 – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City (US) and Dublin (Ireland)

November 2016 – Bartoszyce, Gdansk, Sopot and Gydnia (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria)

October 2016Porto (Portugal) and Zagreb (Croatia)

June 2016Krakow (Poland)

May 2016 – Coast to Coast 2016 (Morecambe to Scarborough)

March 2016 – Geneva (Switzerland)

February 2016 – Durham (UK)

December 2015 – Milan (Italy) and Edinburgh (UK)

October 2015 – Chennai and Bangalore (India) and Atlanta (United States)

September 2015 – Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dubai (UAE) and Tampa (United States)

August 2015Baltimore and New York (United States)

July 2015 – Austin and Las Vegas (United States) and Frankfurt (Germany)

June 2015 – Denver (United States) and Toronto (Canada)

May 2015 – Prague (Czech Republic), Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) and Dusseldorf (Germany)

April 2015 – Chicago (United States) and Zurich (Switzerland)

March 2015 – San Francisco (United States) and Friedrichshafen (Germany)

February 2015 – Houston and Las Vegas (United States) and Darmstadt (Germany)

January 2015 – Toulouse (France), San Diego (United States) and Montreal (Canada)

November 2014 – Belfast (UK) and Fort Lauderdale (United States)

October 2014 – Seattle and Washington DC (United States)

September 2014 – Lake District (UK), Singapore (Singapore), Boston (United States) and Beijing (China)

August 2014 – Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) and Chengdu (China)

July 2014 – Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bergen and Stavanger (Norway) and San Diego (United States)

June 2014 – Phoenix, Dallas and Fort Worth (United States)

May 2014 – Sydney (Australia) and Beijing (China)

April 2014 – Dubrovnik (Croatia), Sydney (Australia) and Shanghai (China)

March 2014 – Hong Kong (China), Brussels (Belgium) and Moscow (Russia)

February 2014 – Los Angeles (United States) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

January 2014 – New York (United States)

December 2013 – London (UK)

November 2013 – Copenhagen (Denmark), Chennai (India) and Berlin (Germany)

October 2013 – Rome (Italy), Baltimore (United States), Doha (Qatar) and Barcelona (Spain)

September 2013 – Hyderabad and Mumbai (India) and Kissimmee (United States)

August 2013 – Bangalore and New Delhi (India)

July 2013 – Manchester (UK), Mexico City (Mexico) and Canterbury (Kent)