Vilnius – Chopped

I found out about this restaurant on Google Maps, as the exterior doesn’t exactly scream out that there’s a decent dining option here.

There’s an outdoor seating area to the front of the restaurant, where I tried to take a photo of the birds flying about, but they, well, flew off.

The interior of the restaurant, with a selection of different beers to choose from. I opted for the IPA.

And here it is. At the appropriate temperature and tasted fine.

And this is the centre-piece of the restaurant, they specialise in chicken and chips. Actually, that’s pretty much all they serve, although there’s a selection of twenty different dips to add some variety. Opting for a little spice, this is the piri piri sauce.

The food was excellent, the chips had some firmness to them, although the inside were still fluffy. The chicken was tender and the coating was crispy and pleasant tasting. This style of restaurant is on-trend and is a personal favourite of mine. The set-up reminded me of Woolf & Bird in Norwich, which I only visited once, but intended to become a regular until they decided to close the restaurant down.

Overall, for a quick snack in something other than a chain restaurant, it was all rather enjoyable. The service was polite and there wasn’t much of a wait for the food to be served.