Vilnius – Ibis

This Ibis hotel only opened a few weeks ago, and the official opening was during my stay. As it was a new opening, and not necessarily very well known about when I booked, the prices seemed quite reasonable at around £45 per night including breakfast. It’s around a ten-minute walk to the centre of the city and it’s in an area which is being modernised and improved.

I upload these for Richard to monitor how Ibis deal with dual occupancy. I was on my own, so I just got one.

The room was clean and comfortable, with a modern feel to it. I still don’t really get those lights that hang down though, they periodically have those in Ibis hotels so they must think they’re useful. I like the multi power square they have, which could be moved about to most points of the room and let me charge multiple devices. There were a generous amount of power points around the whole room though, such are the needs of the modern traveller.

I didn’t turn the TV on during my stay and it felt quite hidden given the decoration on the wall.

The view from my hotel room, which will likely be quite lovely in a year or two. In fairness, I didn’t have any noise issues from either outside or inside the hotel.

That’s the free glass of wine from my Le Club Accor status…

The bar area, I like the generous provision of power points.

The bar and lobby area. There is a restaurant on site although I didn’t order from it as it looked a little expensive and slightly generic. They had a good idea though of putting QR codes on tables and in the room, if customers scanned it then they were sent to a web-site with the current menu on. They had proper menus as well, but this is a great idea if a customer can’t find the menu in the restaurant for any reason.

The main breakfast counter, there was a choice of breads, cold meats, cheeses and fish. There were also some hot items, which I studiously avoided. This was four breakfasts of cold meats, breads and cheeses for me. And cake. And cornflakes.

The coffee machine and the fruit juice machine, which produced perfectly good quality fruit juices, although they weren’t of course freshly squeezed. Although, this is Ibis, not Raffles, which is interestingly an Accor brand…

I’m a creature of habit, this was the breakfast on two different mornings. It looks rather similar…

I really enjoyed this stay, the staff went out of their way to be friendly, and it did feel like a training hotel at some points. That’s a good thing…. The room was clean, the housekeeping was efficient, there were no noise problems and the room prices were reasonable.