Vilnius – IDW Esperanza Resort Airport Business Lounge

I know that Priority Pass gets a lot of complaints, but I’m entirely happy with my card so far this year. This is the lounge at Vilnius Airport and I’ve had more than four hours in here, which has enabled me to get a lot of things done (including several more posts on this blog).

There aren’t many other visitors in the lounge at the moment, which has created a rather peaceful environment. There’s a choice of different seating areas, including high tables and more comfortable seating. There are also a lot of power points, which is particularly useful, and it’s all clean and organised.

There’s a selection of sandwiches and salads in the fridge, and I went through a couple of the Greek salads. The quality is fine and it’s quite a big portion. Although I say that and then promptly went through two of them.

Coffee is available, as are chocolate bars.

All of the alcohol, and everything else, is self-service. There was a small selection of three beers, but I tried a couple and they were entirely acceptable. There’s also wine and spirits in an area just to the left of the fridges. There are also fruit juices, Pepsi, Fanta and other soft drinks, as well as still and sparkling bottled water.

The Greek salad, beer and water.

The selection of magazines and newspapers, a range of different publications including in both Lithuanian and English.

I liked this lounge, being quiet and spacious always helps, but the food is fine and there’s a wide enough selection of drinks. The toilets are also inside the lounge and they’re not half a mile away, something which airports sometimes seem to do, perhaps learning from Wetherspoons.

The price to enter as a one-off is I think €27, which is a bit expensive, but not entirely unreasonable. There aren’t a huge number of flights departing from the airport, which means that they announce when customers need to depart for their aircraft.