Vilnius – Vapiano

I headed towards the bus stop back to the airport and noticed there were some shopping malls in the area where I could have a final lunch. By final lunch I mean the last one during this trip, not some sort of grim final supper. Anyway, I saw Vapiano, and although this isn’t particularly Lithuanian (or at all really, it’s German) it is one of my favourite chains.

It’s quite a spacious Vapiano and there’s a large area for children, I haven’t seen that before in the chain. The staff member at the reception desk was friendly, although she didn’t explain the ordering process. That didn’t matter since I already knew it, but the set-up is slightly complex and a first time visitor could well have become rather confused.

The restaurant always grows their own herbs, which is done in an area in the centre of the seating area. It reminds me of when Dylan helpfully pulled bits off plants for my pizza back at the Luxembourg Vapiano in 2016.

There are a range of different seating areas and I liked the generous amount of power points. Vapiano tend to locate themselves in areas where there are lots of office workers, and this one is no exception.

There’s a huge pile of salad on this calzone that I didn’t order, but I didn’t say anything. The quality was fine, it was at the appropriate hot temperature and had a crispy exterior. The portion size was generous and the environment was clean and comfortable.

The staff member I paid on the way out was friendly and engaging, so the customer service seemed welcoming. The cost of the meal was around £8, not bad for a chain restaurant like Vapiano. And it was convenient for my bus, as the bus stop to the airport is located over the road.