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London – Ryan Taylor

And in quite a complete departure from my usual boring drivel about museums, long distance walking, gossip, beer, American food and old things, this is Ryan Taylor. He’s the most famous YouTuber I’ve met with over 2 million followers. That is slightly higher than my blog readership.

I was vaguely aware of a connection between Ryan and Ally Law, the latter of whom I would recognise immediately (primarily as some media really don’t like Ally), and I do follow Nightscape videos. I was also aware of Ryan entering the Big Brother house using methods that weren’t quite within the rules, but sorry to Ryan for being slow on the uptake and not recognising him (although he at the time had his face nearly entirely covered)…. I’m a bit old (only just) for all this, so my knowledge stops there….. Anyway, he’s a really nice guy and it was an interesting 30 minutes or so.

To cut a long story short, there are PS5s in that bag, and he was on a YouTube / Instagram adventure to give them away to his fans. Hence why he was hiding, and why I’ve taken a couple of hours to post about this. I thought at first he was a delivery driver who had managed to give someone the wrong food and they were chasing him, which is why I didn’t object to his joining my table.

I admit that cycling isn’t quite my thing (makes me tired), I love the adrenaline rush of the LDWA 100, but I really like the concept of getting youngsters (in his case I mean, not mine) getting out and about in whatever form they want. All good physical and spiritual engagement.

Anyway, nice to be part of his adventure, and thanks for the selfie (I might upload that later). It seems the Daily Mail don’t much like Ryan, so that’s another plus on his side as far as I’m concerned   🙂