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And the Blog is Changing…… All Good Things Must Come to a Sort of End….

This blog has reached nearly 5,000 posts and it’s becoming really quite difficult for anyone to easily navigate around it. Topics veer between Good Beer Guide pubs to British Airways, from random museum exhibits to Wetherspoons, from Norfolk churches to walking group trips. Eclectic, absolutely, but for search engines and those who drop in occasionally, it’s too difficult to find anything.

I accept that this blog isn’t the most important media outlet in the country, however much I think that it should be. But, if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. And just to reassure anyone who is concerned (goodness knows who) that the blog is closing, then that definitely won’t be happening. In the future, there will though be just one daily post which encompasses everything exciting (or what I consider exciting, which is very different to what others might define it at) that has taken place in the previous day that I think is worth writing about.

Which means that there will also now be a series of new web-sites where I’ll focus more specific content on. Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating entirely separate web-sites for:

Accor Hotels

British Airways

Good Beer Guide Pubs

Long Distance Walking


Random Museum Exhibits

UK Churches

Wetherspoon Pubs

Which will free this blog to become a more navigable site with its one post per day, linking to the above external sites when I think it’s necessary to do so.

I think it’ll be very lovely and I’ll be making the shift this week to the new style.