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Overheard Conversations in Pubs I

I normally just post overheard conversations in pubs (nearly always Wetherspoons) on Facebook, but listening into other tables (it’s hard not to) provides me with a steady of flow entertainment. My favourite today, overheard in Wetherspoons, is between what I imagine is a married couple.

WOMAN – “What are you ordering?”
MAN – “Fish and chips”
WOMAN – “You don’t want that”
MAN – “Oh”
WOMAN – “You like the steak pie”
MAN – “OK”

Food ordered….. Steak and kidney pudding duly delivered

WOMAN – “How’s the food?”
MAN – “It’s OK”
WOMAN – “Is it as good as the fish and chips?”
MAN – “No”
WOMAN – “You should have got the fish and chips”

I’m endlessly inspired and amused by people. I need to get out more.