London – Westminster (Borough of) – National Gallery (Visit 2)

This is my second visit to the National Gallery under the current restrictions, as there was just too much to see during my first visit. It’s free to get in, although tickets have to be pre-booked and they do enforce that, although someone did try and just sneak in when I was there. As can be seen in the photos below, this wasn’t the busiest of locations, although it got a bit busier during the early afternoon when I was leaving.

As an aside, this is now rated on TripAdvisor as the top thing to do in London, number 1 out of 2,339 places, which is a pretty impressive effort. Although I noticed a few times on this visit and my last one that the staff struggled to answer questions that other people were asking, and although the staff were polite, I did wonder whether some of them were interested in art at all. I’m not quite sure if art knowledge is part of their required job role and how much of their role is ensuring the security and the safety of the gallery, perhaps that’s their only function. I had no such issues, I have the Internet to answer my questions…..

Anyway, all rather lovely, more posts to come on this.