Warsaw – Palace of Culture and Science (Observation Deck)

I have more to write about the Palace of Culture and Science, but for now I’ll limit myself to my visit to the observation deck. In short though, the Palace is what I consider to be an eyesore which was forced upon the people of Warsaw by the Soviets in the 1950s. The building is 237 metres in height and is, according to Wikipedia, the sixth highest building in the European Union (it’ll be the fifth soon, as the Shard in London is higher).

In terms of the observation deck, it’s a professional little operation, with visitors being transported by lifts to the thirtieth floor of the building in around nineteen seconds. There’s an admission charge that equates to around £4 and it’s the highest observation deck in the city, with extensive views over the area.

I had a little look at TripAdvisor to see what other visitors thought.

“The tower has 33 floors or so and the local employees suggested buying tickets for the viewing floor. I was disappointed that it was too foggy to see anything and expecting the employees to at least mention it.”

Personally, I think I might have looked to see if it was foggy before going up…..

“It was cloudy day and no view at all but they were selling expensive tickets to see whole Warsaw from 30 floor of this ugly building. Shame of them 🙁 I was with kids and asked before if there is option to see something today. Answer was: I have no clue, I’m working here, downstairs.”

It’s hard to deny that a staff member inside a ticket office downstairs probably isn’t going to know how cloudy it is….

“Do not go up with the elevator. First you wait in long line than you come up there and the only landmark of Warsaw is the one you are on. Then you wait in the line for going down.”

I’m not quite sure what people expect to see other than Warsaw city centre from an observation deck overlooking Warsaw city centre.

And, below are some of the views.