Warsaw – Drugie Dno

Unfortunately, my visit here in February 2018 wasn’t particularly well photographed, so I might have to go back….

The beer selection was decent, with a well measured range of options, including a few dark beers. I went for a dry stout, which had a richness of flavour, although my memory doesn’t allow me to write further than that.

The prices were towards the higher end of the scale for Warsaw, but not unreasonable. The staff were busy and helpful, with a friendly barman taking the time to explain the beer options which they had. The beers are nearly all from Poland, but there were a few options from further afield, although the quality of the local beers was high.

The stairs downstairs were an exciting challenge when others were trying to come up…… I liked the whole modern decor of the bar though, it felt contemporary, on-trend and interesting.

I was with a group of people when I visited, which was on a weekend evening and the bar was busy to say the least. The food being served looked well presented and generously portioned, although we didn’t partake on that occasion. Anyway, I think I might need to return to try the food, but at least my last visit was all very lovely.