Warsaw – Jabeerwocky Craft Beer Pub (Visit 2)

This is my second visit to this craft beer bar on ul. Nowogrodzka and I first visited there in January. I didn’t get chance to have their pizza then, but the bar was a decent one, so a return seemed sensible….

The pub’s tap-list is available on-line and there’s a camera that takes a photo of this board every ten minutes, a perfectly innovative way of keeping everyone informed of the options.

This is the back room of the bar, which I didn’t pay much attention to on my last visit. The bar was relatively busy this time, but it’s a large location with plenty of tables, so there was still space.

I had two drinks, which was firstly the oatmeal stout that I realised I had last time I visited, which is produced by Jabeerwocky themselves. I also had the Almond Coffeecat from Browar Rockmill, a stout which did indeed taste of both coffee and almonds, so the beer name wasn’t misleading. I like almonds and I’ve decided I like almonds in a beer as well, it’s got quite a smooth but long-lasting taste. The drink was suitably rich, but entirely drinkable, and I liked that the brewery ‘toasted’ my check-in on Untappd shortly after I left it. I’m easily pleased, but I’ve mentioned that before…..

This time I did get to have the pizza, going for the chorizo one. This was rather lovely as it was large, hot and tasted excellent. And they are quite handy things to have in a pizza… It was thin and so wasn’t too stodgy, all rather pleasant.

I think I preferred this visit to my previous one, as there felt more of an atmosphere this time, although that was probably just because there were more people in and it wasn’t lunch-time. But, it remained friendly and welcoming, with a broad selection of different beer types. So, all rather lovely….