Warsaw – Train from Chopin Airport to City Centre

The final part of the journey for today was getting from Warsaw Chopin Airport to the city centre.

Fortunately, the signage is clear throughout the airport, despite it being quite a walk to get to the trains. It irritates me, like many things do, when airports seem to keep these things a secret. Warsaw airport’s green line is easy even for idiots to follow, and I can personally attest to that….

The situation is moderately complex insomuch as there are two ticket machines and two operators to get to the city centre. I just bought a standard ticket and went with KM (Koleje Mazowieckie) as their train was already at the station, but ZTM (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego) are the main transport providers in the area. There’s pretty much dual acceptance of tickets, although there are some exceptions and I am no expert in what they are. Not much can go wrong with seeing which train is going first and buying a single ticket (or whatever suits) on their machine (KM are green, ZTM are red). The ticket machines have English, and numerous other languages, available.

The platforms, with the signage being clear so that passengers don’t end up getting on the wrong train.

There’s the train, rather lovely.

I won’t mention his name here, but a friend was fined on Warsaw trains last year, on his first visit to the city, for not validating his ticket. Validation is the key   🙂

Inside the train, with the journey to the central railway station in Warsaw taking just under thirty minutes. There are also other stations which the train calls at, with the service never getting that busy. There are regular announcements, in Polish and English, to ensure that customers don’t get confused at any stage. I didn’t have my ticket checked during the journey, but there was a guard visible at one end of the train if customers wanted assistance.

And safely in Warsaw railway station. The ticket costs just under 4.50zl, meaning that the single ticket cost me around 90p. Which I think is a bargain to get from an airport to a city’s central railway station. Very lovely.