Warsaw – Cuda na Kiju

I’m not sure whether I’ve just never noticed this craft beer bar before, or whether it’s new, but, either way, it’s a new one for me to visit. I had hoped that a Sunday evening would be relatively quiet, but it was a busy bar and it had a laidback and welcoming atmosphere. The bar name of Cuda Na Kiju is probably something of a colloquialism, as Google says it means literally “Miracles on the Stick”. Not that this would be a bad name in itself…..

The full beer list is at http://cuda-na-kiju.ontap.pl/ and it’s a well thought out selection. I asked the friendly staff member what dark beers they had and she suggested the Czarny Minister from Browar Minister. This was fine, at the appropriate temperature and it had some suitable coffee and chocolate flavours to it, although it wasn’t quite as strong in taste as I’d have ideally wanted. I’ve only just noticed on the beer list, and it’s been on for a few days, that they currently have the WRCLW Baltic Porter, with Palo Santo and coconut, and this sounds simply marvellous. I’m not sure I’ll go back just for that, but it is tempting and I’m surprised the locals haven’t snapped that one up a little bit quicker.

I was a little distracted whilst being served as the bar looked quite full, so I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with this drink that I had acquired. Fortunately, I found the last remaining table and all was well, it’s certainly a popular place. They were serving pizzas (which I still insist is the new national dish of Poland) but I managed to resist, primarily as I’d just had a pizza in the previous bar. There are three storeys to the building, with the top one being a mezzanine level and the lower level the toilets, but the ground floor is reasonably large.

Anyway, this is a nice addition to the Warsaw beer scene and I suspect it’s popular with the local office workers, with a more upmarket feel to the whole arrangement than some bars. In terms of price, my 0.5 litre beer cost around £3, which I think is marvellous for such a drink, but is inevitably towards the higher end of the scale for a beer in Poland.