Riga – Index Cafe

After two hours in a museum, I felt that it was time for a little sit down. Since Latvia doesn’t have quite the same pub infra-structure as the UK, I’m resorting to cafes, which is currently no bad thing….

I resisted the temptation of the cakes. I got the service style wrong again, I think it was table service, but I ordered at the counter anyway. It’s quicker that way.

The cafe has a few alcoves which they’ve made into window seats, and I managed to get the last one of those. This gave me excellent views of the pavement, not that I saw anyone walking along it which did rather limit my people watching opportunities.

I went with the Greek salad option, and the olives and feta cheese were the strong points of this, although it was all fresh and of a good quality. The photo also doesn’t do justice to the portion size, it seemed to be about the same size as a small bucket. The latte and salad came to around £6, definitely worth it.