Riga – Big Bad Bagels

The sun was shining rather brightly when I took the photo, although I didn’t realise how washed out it had made the image. Anyway, I haven’t got breakfast included with my hotel rate this week, so I have the opportunity to tour the city finding suitable breakfast eateries.

And this location offers freshly prepared bagels, with a choice of different fillings and five different types of bread. They have about twenty fillings to choose from and they can also mix and match ingredients on request.

Not very busy when I arrived, although it got a little busier. This is pretty much the limit to the seating which is available, but it’s modern and bright, so it was a comfortable environment.

This is freshly prepared orange juice and I’m not quite sure how it ended up not being rather more orange in colour, as I watched them put the oranges in the juicer. It was though delicious, it certainly tasted of orange and was rather moreish.

The bagel was excellent, firm but fresh and I was pleased with the seeded bagel that the staff member recommended for me. The bacon had been cooked to order, so I could smell that the bagel was nearly ready, and it had a really intense flavour. There was also cheese, lettuce and tomato, and it all worked well together.

The bagel exceeded my expectations, there was a focus on good quality ingredients and the efficient and helpful service just added positively to the whole experience. The price was a little expensive, as a bagel and freshly made orange juice was about £6, but the quality justified that price.