Riga – McDonald’s (one for Dylan)

This post is just for Dylan, and any other 7-year old who is dreaming of travel……

Riga is in eastern Europe, a two-hour flight from London Luton airport. There are a lot of trams in Riga, as well as buses and trains. But the trams are the most exciting and they go for miles. One of them goes to the zoo, photo below of the tram   🙂

And inside the tram below.

And the zoo was excellent, the owl was sweet. Lots more photos here.

In Riga there are lots of independent restaurants and small chains, so McDonald’s isn’t as popular. But the ones they have still have a lot of people in them, and there’s lots of seats. And Chicken McNuggets   🙂

Below is a Big Mac BLT, something new. And a cherry pie, they don’t usually have those in the UK. Leon would like the burger  🙂

For those who food like McDonald’s, they can go to Hesburger which is similar. They have meals like Happy Meals, where you get a toy and they also do chicken nuggets   🙂   A photo below is the Hesburger I went to today.

And there’s lots of parks!