Riga – Gan Bei City

Located on the seventh floor is Gan Bei City, part of a small local chain of Asian restaurants, and they seem to be mainly located in shopping centres.

There’s an outside terrace, which is closed at this time of year, but which offers excellent views over the city centre.

The lunch menu, which is really good value, so my soup, chicken and drink cost the total of €7. The standard menu, which I could have also ordered from, was a bit more expensive though.

The hot and sour vegetable soup with chicken, served at the appropriate hot temperature, but lacking in the spiciness mentioned on the menu. The flavour was rather intense, as if Maggi seasoning was liberally put in the soup. However, it was still a pleasant flavour and there was a generous amount of chicken, although rather a limited amount of vegetables. For €2 it was though a generous portion and good value for money.

Chicken coated with honey and it had some crunch to the batter, without the chicken itself being tough. The rice was fluffy and everything was at the appropriate temperature. A range of textures and flavours, and again, really solid value for money.

The dining environment seemed a little formal, and it was certainly generously staffed in terms of serving staff. But the staff were all keen to help and the service was always professional and helpful. My drink didn’t arrive until the second course was served though if I was going to mention something slightly negative.

But, for the value offered, I’d visit one of the other restaurants in the chain if I was in Riga for longer. If I was here in summer, I’d also try and get one of the tables on the terrace at this restaurant.