Riga – Ciemakukulis

Back on the south bank of the river today, this little cafe seemed to be popular with locals popping in for a cake or bread to takeaway. It was one of the busiest cafes that I’ve seen this week, even though I was there at around 11 in the morning.

The tempting displays with the pastries and cakes all looking freshly made or prepared.

I said that it was really busy, but that was mostly with people taking food away. However, when I arrived there was only one table free, I took this photo during a slight lull in proceedings. I was sat in an area where they had laid out a little board and toys for children, so I’m sure families would be welcome. Which reminded me that Leon would like this….

Latte and yoghurt cake. The cake was moreish, light and flavourful, with the latte being rich. The base of the cake added some texture and the fruit added an element of healthiness to the proceedings.

The prices were reasonable, around £4 for both the cake and the drink, and the service was efficient and polite. There wasn’t really time for engaging service due to how many customers came in at once, but the surroundings were peaceful and comfortable.