Riga – Kuuka

Back to coffee after a couple of pub visits, this is Kuuka Cafe….

There were several people using the cafe to do work, and it was a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. There were also numerous plug sockets and I can imagine it’s quite a productive environment. Although there were clearly some tourists in the cafe, it also felt like a place that locals went to and not just somewhere set out to cater to visitors to Riga.

The display of cakes, with everything in the cafe being clean and organised.

A blurry coffee….. The service was efficient and, as I’m becoming used to in Riga, polite and welcoming.

And the cheesecake I went for, rather lovely. The cafe is relatively small, so I can imagine that it’s often hard to find a seat (when I went in the mid-afternoon I managed to get the last table). The cafe is keen on being independent and not part of a chain, and it did have a unique sort of charm to it.