Lake District – Helvellyn (the Climb Up)

Gordon doing his morning exercises before our big Wednesday walk, which was to climb Helvellyn.

We parked at Thirl’s Car Park by Lake Thirlmere and were pleased to note that there are currently no car parking charges. We had selected this route as it is one of the easiest for those of us who don’t like heights, and it turned out to be a good decision in that regard.

The toilets weren’t in perfect condition, and Gordon had to sit in the dark, but at least they were open when we visited.

The little bridge at the start of the walk.

A stream at the base of the mountain.

Gordon had some hurty legs on the way up, so Sarah helped him with some more exercises. This slightly displeased Maggie as Gordon ignored her when she wanted to do exercises with him….

Marching up the mountain. I must admit that there was a section where it was particularly windy and I thought about going back down. Gordon was entirely up for that, and I really liked his negativity, which kept me going. Sarah on the other hand was just being positive and supportive, which really irritated me.

Steve M just climbed the mountain with his arms folded….

The group having a little rest.

I’ve done it! So ruddy brave. It took just under two hours, which was a pretty decent time as far as I was concerned.

A group photo of our collective success at the top of the mountain. Helvellyn is 950 metres high and is the third highest mountain in England, with the highest being Scafell Pike.

Some views from the top. And this is where the story really began for some of us, as Steve, Steve and Sarah decided to go and do Striding Edge and Swirral’s Edge. They were very brave, especially as Sarah was really unsure whether she could do it. However, she battled on and was successful. I shall take the photos from those three who did it and put them on a different post.

Whilst we were having lunch (I had a delicious roll from Greggs) we also met a husband and wife at the top of Helvellyn and he mentioned that his wife would love to do Striding Edge, but that he wasn’t confident enough to do it with her. We said that she could do it with the two Steves and Sarah, and she took them up on the opportunity.

Anyway, so at this stage, after feeling very pleased with ourselves, the remaining walkers, which was myself, Gordon, Maggie and Dave decided to climb down the mountain using a different and longer route, with the intention to meet the others later.