Lake District

Lake District Week – The Chief Justice of the Common Pleas (Keswick Wetherspoons)

Last time I was in Keswick, this Wetherspoons was just about to open. Indeed it opened the day after we left, which wasn’t the greatest timing…. But the building is of historic interest itself, a primarily Victorian court-room (well, 1901, but near enough) and police station, with attached cells. The judicial complex of buildings was built on the site of the town’s former workhouse, so it’s had a rather miserable existence in many ways. It’s now a substantial pub and it presented an ideal place for us to visit on our first night in Keswick.

Initially it was just Steve and I at the pub. There’s a back story to that, but it involves Gordon and Maggie saying they were in Wetherspoons and then not actually being in Wetherspoons, they were standing outside Steve’s accommodation. So, since it was just Steve and I, I thought I’d buy a round. But just in time, and much to my irritation, Gordon and Maggie turn up at the bar, hence making my round more expensive. But I didn’t complain. Well, not audibly. Anyway, I digress….

Steve and Gordon doing some head shots in one of the former cells.

The former cell, and we had someone turn up later on who said that he spent a night in the cell in the early 1980s. I’m not sure that he was joking….

This reminded us of someone….

Now, this was good, a nice rich flavour.

Sarah, Steve M and Dave were arriving a bit later on, and I absolutely insisted that we wait until they got there until we ordered food. But Dave said we should order. So I did. But I only had a little starter, as I’m not greedy.

The former court room.

How lovely.

Gordon ordered the most expensive thing on the menu….

The door to our little cell….

The group altogether! And there was a wave of gossip when Steve M, Dave and Sarah arrived. I must admit, their car journey sounds extreme, they were talking about all manner of subjects that I can’t possibly repeat on this blog…..

I was keen to visit this pub given the building’s history, and the potential to take photos of the cell, but I think we’ll try the other local pubs and restaurants for the rest of the week.