Lake District Week – Greggs (Rivington Services M61)

Gordon said that he had never been to a Greggs, so I felt that it was only fair that we should go to one for him. I can take or leave Greggs (usually take to be fair……) but I couldn’t see anyone disappointed. So we felt that Rivington Services was the time that Gordon should experience some fine dining.

We were also delighted to see that Dave’s car (I’ll call it that even though it’s Sarah driving I think) has also stopped at a Greggs. This just shows what a wonderful choice it is.

Gordon was thrilled and delighted at his first Greggs experience, and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. He was delighted with his sandwich, and I’m confident he’ll be a regular there.

A chicken bake and a pumpkin spiced latte, how very lovely.

We’re about 90 minutes away now from Keswick, so just one more hop to our destination. And we’ve been able to pick up some maps of Keswick from the services so that’s nicely whetted our appetite. When I say we, I mean me.