Lake District Week – The Friendly Farmer

The blog this morning started well, I was so engrossed with posting my first little piece of drivel that I didn’t realise that Steve and Gordon were outside in the car waiting for me. But, anyway, all is well, and we’re now off on our hill adventure in the Lakes.

The first stop en route wasn’t to a Greggs, as we fancied something a little unhealthy as a treat instead. So we went to the Friendly Farmer near Newark, something Richard has been in I think, which I’ve passed on numerous occasions.

The interior isn’t quite what I expected from the exterior, there was a combination of a modern design but with some slightly old fashioned counter layouts. The food wasn’t particularly well displayed, and there were no chicken bakes, which to me seemed a ridiculous omission for these modern times.

Anyway, the service was friendly and efficient, and Gordon bought some plum bread as he’s quite middle class. Steve went for a sausage roll, but I want to save myself in case we go to another bakers later on in the day…. So I sat with my latte, which, to be honest, was hotter than the centre of the sun. It needed rather a lot of sugar to be drinkable, but it was reasonably priced and it came with a little biscuit.

For those who wanted hot food, there was an interesting selection. There’s also a little shop in the Friendly Farmer, and I was tempted to buy Bev another present, but I think I’ve already spent enough so I decided against it. But, it’s the thought that counts, and I thought about it.

So, we’re now back on the road driving (by we, I mean Steve) ready for our next stop!