Lake District – Helvellyn (the Climb Down)

So seven of us climbed up Helvellyn and three decided to go the easy (well, relatively easy) route down and four decided to go via Striding Edge and Swirral’s Edge. I thought they were mad, but off they went anyway. Above is the photo from the top of the mountain of Striding Edge.

Dave and Gordon stopped briefly to let me take the photo, before they continued darting down the mountain.

Gordon, Maggie and Dave, with Striding Edge behind them. There is another photo in this series when Gordon and Dave went in for a little kiss (with Maggie, not each other), but I think Maggie would prefer the above image.

And there is Striding Edge again. And I think it’s harder than it looks. Liam would have liked it, as would anyone else who isn’t terrified of heights and has the balance of a mountain goat.

One advantage of the walk we did back down was the excellent views we had over the surrounding countryside. We were very fortunate with the weather, and it was possible to see out to the sea.

Some photos from our descent down.

Maggie in front of the Thirlmere Lake.

A waterfall at the base of the mountain.

I’m not quite sure how this tree managed to successfully grow here….

Maggie and Dave.

Gordon rejected the idea that those doing Striding Edge were braver than him, and he posed in a godlike manner to show his general prowess. Maggie wasn’t impressed with him.

Maggie taking a photo of Gordon.

How cute! I named this Dylan.

And this one I called Leon, which the sheep seemed to like.

We reached the bottom of Helvellyn a little before the others who did Striding Edge, as we dithered and enjoyed our walk down, whilst the others came down the route they had gone up. I ate a feast of blackberries and then Maggie spotted an ice cream van, so Gordon and I thought that we’d buy everyone an ice cream. By everyone, Gordon bought me and him one, although he then changed his mind and we ended up with three ice creams for two of us. So, he kindly gave one to Steve for his bravery.

My ice cream. Very delicious.