Lake District

Lake District Week – The Drive Home

We drove back from the Lake District week on the Friday, and I was delighted to be in the vehicle which had won ‘car of the week’ which was being driven by ‘the driver of the week’ in the awards ceremony.

We found a couple of locations to stop at, which were fortunately a Greggs and a McDonald’s. The Greggs was at Scotch Corner services, where I have fond memories of remembering where Richard spent £7 to top-up his electric vehicle with about 25p worth of charge.

There was a new beef chilli bake and it was delicious  🙂  There were just 400 calories and the Greggs description of “diced beef, red kidney beans, diced onions and red peppers cooked in a smoky tomato and chilli sauce with white long grain rice wrapped in golden puff pastry” sounded too lovely to miss.

The team from the winning car.

Gordon enjoying his luxury McDonald’s meal. He opted for a premium burger with specialist cheeses, before deciding to have the cheeses removed, so had a normal burger at a premium price. I didn’t say anything. Steve and I had a little chat about Gordon whilst he was waiting to collect his food, but he overheard us…..

We got back safely in the early evening, all without any major delays or disruptions en route.