Keswick – Castlerigg Stone Circle

Before we drove back to Norfolk, we went to visit Castlerigg Stone Circle, which is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the country. It was built in around the third century BC and is around a thirty-minute walk from Keswick.

The information board at the entrance to the site.

A plan of where the stones are located at the site. There have been some incursions onto the site over the decades, but one in the 1990s was prevented when the local paper reported that “the hippies were defeated by farmyard slurry placed by local farmers and the police”.


Photos of the stones. There has been no detailed archaeological investigation to have taken place here, with the English Heritage being told that they couldn’t dig here in the 1980s. They did though do a geological survey of the site and a dig is now unlikely as there is no pressing need to disrupt the archaeology which is thought likely to still remain in situ.

This was the time when the awards were announced for the week, with Sarah winning the coveted ‘bravest person of the week’ award. What an honour”