Carcassonne Day Two : Carcassonne Citadel (16th Century Font)


Another one of the interesting exhibits in the museum, this is a sixteenth century baptismal font from the Grés region of France, which is to the north east of Carcassonne. I don’t have much to write about this (not least as there’s not much information on the display panel), but I’m intrigued at how much damage was done to churches in the country during the French Revolution and how so many church treasures were displaced from their former home. It was a brutal destruction, nearly every one of the 30,000 churches in France had been forced to close by 1794. Which makes items such as these so interesting (well, to me, and I’m setting the bar low here) as they were so important to people when in churches, found themselves fortunate to survive into the nineteenth century and in the case of this one, is now likely seen by more people in this museum than when it was in a church. Anyway, I digress, I just liked this survival….. I must get back into blogging about food, but more on that shortly.