Keswick – Pack Horse

The Pack Horse in Keswick, where we decided to celebrate our brave day of walking to the top of Scafell Pike.

Despite this pledge the welcome offered was perhaps just a little unfriendly, but the server who served us for the evening rescued the situation.

The pub was bigger internally than we had expected when we entered, and the cheerful server found us a table on the top floor.

The pub is a Robinsons pub and it was serving their Wizard real ale. It was well kept and at the appropriate temperature, although the beer itself was a little lacking in depth of flavour.

The decorative glass roof in the pub.

Dave and Steve with their meals.

This bottled beer was a little expensive, but it had a subtle taste of ginger which wasn’t too overpowering. It’s strong at 6%, but it had a refreshing taste.

The chicken and ham hock pie in a light pastry, and which was in a red wine gravy. I couldn’t actually taste the flavours of the red wine, but the gravy was still rich and added positively to the pie experience. The chips were fluffy inside and the vegetables retained some bite, but the star of the show was the pie. Filling, tasty and rather lovely   🙂

Steve went off to have a private conversation with what he said was the love of his life. I assume he meant the Greggs in Keswick.

This was an enjoyable experience, with friendly service from the server and food which was reasonably priced and which had a depth of taste to it. The server was engaging and we didn’t experience any delays with food or drink service. And that pie filled me up nicely.

Incidentally, the conversation ended up talking about Gordon and Maggie’s shoes. It’s not repeatable.