Ambleside – The Lily

It was my suggestion that we visited this pub whilst we were in Ambleside, based on its appearance in the Good Beer Guide. It’s not in the central area of the town, but is just a couple of minutes away. There’s a modern bistro feel to the interior and it appears to have a more of a cafe environment during the day.

The selection of ales wasn’t overly exciting to me, with the staff member saying that there were no dark alternatives available. I asked for a recommendation, and the Loweswater Gold was recommended, which was at the appropriate temperature and had a clean taste. There weren’t though the depth of flavours to the beer, and the fruity taste that was mentioned wasn’t as strong as I expected.

The selection on the back bar, where there was a decent selection of gins to choose from.

Our group with a view of all the comings and goings in Ambleside. Which, to be fair, weren’t particularly exciting during our visit.

Clean and comfortable. Food was served and the menu was quite short, so it looked manageable and there was a bit of an emphasis of fish dishes.

Some of the interior decor with different design areas across the seating area. The pub was all very pleasant, although the prices were a little towards the expensive side and I’d have liked a wider range of different ales. I’m not sure of the logic of this location being placed in the Good Beer Guide though as I couldn’t see any particular strength of note.