Krakow – Ed Red

I kept thinking about Ed Miliband when I visited this steak and burger restaurant in the centre of Krakow (just because of the restaurant name, as Ed Miliband isn’t usually a politician that I have much reason to think of), although they are apparently moving location soon.

The restaurant claims that they were the first in Poland to offer dry aged beef. This is meant to increase the taste of the meat, but it’s an expensive process which takes some time to complete.

The waiter was knowledgeable and keen to engage about the menu and I was pleased that there was a dark beer available. Having said that (written that), I couldn’t see it on the menu, so I’m not entirely sure what it was.

I’m not really one for steak, but the dry aged beef burger sounded very tempting, so I went for that. I added chips and coleslaw to the meal and it was all well presented. The burger had a depth of flavour to it, although not so much that I would have noticed it was more expensive dry aged meat. The chips were fluffy on the interior and firm on the exterior, and had a decent taste to them. The coleslaw was quite chunky and although everything was perfectly acceptable, the whole combination seemed just a little dry. I’d have liked the burger to have been more tender, it was lacking in moistness.

Also, I was surprised that the staff didn’t ask how I wanted the burger cooked. I prefer burgers to be cooked medium, but no-one asked me, although I was pleased to note that the burger came served medium anyway. However, some people do prefer a well done burger, so asking customers seems more sensible.

The dessert of creme brulee, and this was excellent, with a decent amount of surface area. A firm crust belied the soft and custardy interior. The cookie ice cream was smooth and free from ice crystals, although a plainer ice cream would have worked just as well.

All in all, this was a well managed restaurant and I was comfortable throughout. The interior was modern and the restaurant was sizeable, although it was relatively empty when I visited. It’s not the cheapest option in the city centre, but it’s well reviewed and the staff were professional and helpful throughout.