Krakow – Bunkier Cafe

Cafe Bunkier is located in an interesting glass building situated outside of the modern art gallery which it is attached to.

There were a variety of cakes on display, but they didn’t seem quite exciting enough to order, perhaps looking a little too processed. Although I’m sure they tasted lovely.

The cafe was busy inside, with a separate smoking half further down which is segregated off. The atmosphere was quite relaxed in the cafe, despite it being busy, and the temperature was also appropriate and I imagine that’s difficult to control in a building such as this.

A decorative element above the counter. It was slightly confusing knowing how to order given that some customers were ordering at the table and some at the counter, but I came to the conclusion that either were entirely acceptable.

I did ponder ordering a hot meal and instead just went for fries, although what came were chips and they weren’t particularly exciting. The garlic sauce that came with them wasn’t ideal and I had a slightly excessive wait to try and get some salt from the counter. I also went for a soft drink as I didn’t feel that there was a particularly interesting range of beers, although some reviews seem delighted at what choice there was. I just have quirky tastes I think.

The prices were reasonable and the staff were polite, although not overly attentive. I think much of the attraction of this restaurant is the location, it’s housed in a quirky building and it’s worth visiting to experience that element. I did notice someone else ordered a fish and chips, which I looked at quite jealously as a waitress walked past the table with it. All in all, worth visiting although it’s not a destination I’d probably return to.