Krakow – Gallery of Contemporary Art

This is a quirky little modern art museum which has two temporary exhibits which regularly change. The layout wasn’t entirely obvious to me and the guide they gave me didn’t immediately make sense, although things became a little clearer later on.

The first exhibition was surprisingly interesting, including the above video of a woman covered in balloons trying to crawl through a barbed wire fence. There was something quite mesmerising about watching the balloons slowly burst. The exhibition was created by Rebecca Moss and it was entitled ‘From Sublimity to Ridicule’.

A large image of a fire.

And standing in front of the image achieved this.

I didn’t find the other exhibition (in which I didn’t take any photos) by Irena Kalicka particularly engaging, as it didn’t seem to tell a story or have much relevance to anything. I read the notes about the exhibition and the logic behind it, and it was too abstract for me to be able to grasp.

However, the first exhibition was interesting, the staff were friendly and I liked the general quirkiness of the arrangement.