Katowice – Bus to Katowice Airport

It was a choice between getting the Flixbus service from Katowice to the city’s airport, or getting the local bus service. I debated getting the Flixbus service for comedy value, but instead went for the city’s bus company, primarily because Flixbus was over 50% more expensive.

I arrived at the bus station, which is conveniently by the city’s railway station and Flixbus would have been appalled. The signage was clear, the bus was shown to be going from bus stop 10 and it actually departed from bus stop 10.

The bus turned up, as expected, and there was a ticket machine near to the bus stop so that I didn’t need to buy on-board. The driver was friendly and the journey took 40 minutes, costing a total of 14zl.

On the way to the airport, I could see the Flixbus service in front of us. It’s only a couple more months until my next Flixbus expedition, booked solely to see how they handle a longer journey. I may be entirely pleasantly surprised…..