Katowice – Ibis Budget

This was my third stay at the Ibis Budget in Katowice, and although I’ve visited many Accor hotels, this is one of my favourites. Firstly, the prices are cheap, my most recent stay has been around £16 per night, but there’s something about this hotel with the friendly staff, the clean rooms and the relaxed atmosphere that I really like.

My Gold Accor status offers no real benefits with Ibis Budget as they’re not part of the scheme. However, there was an effort made by the staff to put in some local books and maps into my room, which were very much appreciated. I admit that a hand-written note is perhaps not a touch of luxury, but it is a nice thing to do and makes the room feel slightly less anonymous.

Breakfast is only a few pounds and so there’s a limit to what can be expected for that price. There is orange juice, apple juice, cereals and also some hot options, which are primarily hot dogs and beans. They have gherkins, tomatoes, cucumber and also some cold meats, although the quality of these meats isn’t great and they do feel slightly plasticky. There are also coffees, teas and also some fruit for anyone who feels the need to eat an apple in the morning.

The room is basic, but at the price point that Ibis Budget are charging, it represents fantastic value for money. There’s a Novotel over the road for those who want a more luxurious environment, but I’m content at the price point which Ibis Budget are going for. It’s clean and the window opens a little to let some fresh air in, as I quite like a room to be cold and airy (I always think of the Basil Fawlty comment of “well there’s air in it” when asked if a room was airy).

To perhaps find some fault, the staff probably should be checking whether a customer has paid for breakfast (unless they’re just remembering) in case they’re doing themselves out of money and my other complaint is that the rooms have just one power point which really isn’t sufficient. But the staff are warm, friendly and engaging, the hotel is clean and it’s just a short walk to the city centre.

Hotels like this are why I like Accor so much….