Hull – New Clarence

This pub only re-opened yesterday (25 October 2019) and it’s still listed on Google as permanently closed, but it was recommended to me by the landlord of another nearby pub. It was mentioned that this pub has an experienced new landlord who is successful enough to get listed in the next Good Beer Guide, but I have no idea how true that is or isn’t (although I have suggested what I think about this below….).

The welcome was friendly and the staff member apologised for not serving me quicker, although I hadn’t actually noticed that there was any real delay. I sat at the bar as it was spacious and I wouldn’t block the view for other customers of the pump clips. The pub feels like a slight work in progress at the moment, but it was in a good state of repair and was also clean. Apparently the opening party yesterday was very well attended, so I’m sure they were still recovering a little from that.

This is why I’m fairly confident that this pub will get into the next edition of the Good Beer Guide. This isn’t the entire range of beers, but there are two dark beers here which are both wonderful options. I limited myself just to the Cappuccino Stout from North Riding Brewery and it was just as I hoped it would be. It was creamy, coffee flavoured but not overpoweringly so and there was even some chocolately flavour to it as well. Very lovely.

The service was attentive, the atmosphere felt laid-back, the beer options were, the staff were friendly, it was an entirely appropriate recommendation from the Hop and Vine pub.