Hull – Atom Brewing at the Corn Exchange (Visit 2)

This is another repeat visit, as I came to Atom Brewing at the Corn Exchange last year.

The choice of beers is chalked up on blackboards, but they’re also printed it out to go on tables. There was a nicely balanced selection of beers, with a couple of darker options, with decent guests as well. The staff seemed engaging and knowledgeable, with table service being offered at the moment given the current health issue.

For the second time, I didn’t actually order a beer from Atom, which is moderately ridiculous and I will correct that next year if I come again. This is the Ripple Twister from Brew York, who are undoubtedly one of my favourite breweries, which is a beer style I don’t tend to rush towards. But this IPA had lots of fruit behind it and the promise of an ice cream flavour, so I couldn’t resist. I managed to get a taste of grapefruit, which is one of the few fruits which doesn’t seem to be in it, but it was light and refreshing. Not a great impact of taste initially, but the aftertaste was rich and full-bodied.

This was the last weekend of Shop Small, where if you spend £10 using Amex in a participating small business, then you get £5 off. So, I ordered food so that my bill came to £10.20, meaning I’d only have to pay a total of £5.20. Rather pleasingly, this means that I got ten of these £5’s off from Amex, which is the maximum anyone can have. The food was offered by the Pattie Shack and they had some flatbreads, patties, grilled sandwiches and a few larger meals, something a little different.

The flatbread and the biggest problem here is that it took nearly an hour to arrive. This is understandable as it transpired we’d ordered after a rush, but we should have been told about the wait at some stage. But, it was worth the wait, the ndjua sausage had quite a lot of spice to it and the rocket added some peppery elements to the flat bread, which was delicious. The flatbread also had some firmness to it, but without being so hard that it would snap if bent.

Overall, this remains a very decent pub and it was pleasing to see that it was busy and seemed to be doing well. There was an excellent selection of drinks from across different styles, with the staff being engaging and keen to help. The environment was clean, comfortable and welcoming, and I look forwards to returning and this time actually having a beer made by Atom. Most lovely.