Hull – Admiral of the Humber

Along with the Three John Scotts, this is one of the two remaining Wetherspoons in Hull, since two have been sold off. It’s named after a former official job title dating back to 1447 and although it is just an honorary role now, the city’s Lord Mayor remains the Admiral of the Humber.

My visit was at 10am, so I didn’t opt for a beer, but their selection was acceptable and, as usual, reasonably priced. Service was fine and I didn’t have long to wait, even though there was a bit of a queue at the bar.

I had a coffee moment. Several coffees actually, so I sat in a location which was convenient for the coffee machine.

It was raining outside, so the fire was handy to warm up a little, although to be fair, I’m hardly ever cold so it doesn’t much matter. The pub has been modernised recently and there are now hotel rooms above the pub. Wetherspoons don’t seem to have enough capacity now for the number of customers they have as this pub was full this morning soon after I arrived and I noticed a few customers leaving, solely because they couldn’t find anywhere to sit.

A stag group who had started drinking early, off I guess to the railway station after their visit.

I am amused by a review posted today on TripAdvisor about this pub, complaining that the staff were watering down the Magners as it didn’t taste of anything. The pub staff would be talented to water down a keg cider, but I do agree that Magners doesn’t ever taste of anything much, especially with their brand obsession of putting ice in the drink. The same customer then complained that the staff watered down her vodka and coke….. I can imagine the delight of the duty manager dealing with that.

Anyway, there’s not much I can add about this pub, although it is in the Good Beer Guide which is a positive achievement. It’s all a bit generic and soulless given the building isn’t of much interest, but there’s not really anything wrong with the value offered and the variety of real ales and craft beers.