Hull – Central Library Book Sale

I visited Hull central library yesterday and mentioned that they had a book sale on which started today. I told myself I wouldn’t go as I didn’t need any more books, but like some demented homing pigeon, I found myself there by two in the afternoon. To be fair, I’m surprised that I lasted so long.

I’m a little disappointed in the library service as well, as they were discarding books for £1 that had been in the collection for over 125 years. They were primarily from the music library where the librarian must have decided they didn’t need such heritage on their shelves, but it’s a loss to the collection that seems unnecessary for the small return they’d get. Most of the books were though more recent, but even so, I have no idea why so many are being discarded.

I promised myself that I’d only buy one book, even though I had a feeling some books were worth a fair chunk more than the £1 that was being charged. So, I got myself this, one of my favourite series of books and they’re challenging to find, although libraries usually have their local book. These aren’t easy to locate and it’d probably sell for £5 or more, but for the moment it can fit onto one of my book-shelves. I can find space.