2022 US Trip – Day 9 (Pulse – Free Public Transport Service in Richmond)


I’ve already mentioned that Richmond offers free bus travel, but they also have the rather excellent Pulse service. This is a high capacity rapid transport service which operates on a 7.5 mile route with some advanced technology to ensure it runs efficiently. It’s free until 2025, as is the rest of the city’s public transport, and is funded by two hospitals, with 14 stops and services generally running every ten to fifteen minutes.


I tried to board at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Hospital, but it was such a busy service that I decided to wait for the next one. It was clearly popular with staff from the hospital and everything seem organised and well managed, it gave the impression of being a very useful service.


I only had to wait for around eight minutes for the next bus, which was nearly empty. Clean and comfortable, this is a wonderful service and a positive contribution to traffic congestion in the area.