Warsaw – Rasoi Lounge Indian Restaurant

Someone else posting on WhatsApp about their Indian meal reminded me that I haven’t had such an experience in Warsaw since I’ve been here. Since this one was nearby to the hotel and was reviewed, I thought I’d go there. I walked just under ten miles earlier today, but it had started to rain, so nearby was useful.

The mango lassi, which came with the thali deal. The service was attentive and friendly, with around four tables with customers out of the fourteen or so tables in the restaurant. It was all clean and comfortable, a relaxed environment.

And the thali itself, which had, from left to right, butter chicken, chicken korma, chicken haryali, raita, salad, naan bread and rice in the middle. This, including the drink, cost £7 and I thought that was reasonable for central Warsaw. It was well presented and I like thalis because of the range of tastes and textures. The dishes were all of a decent quality, although perhaps the haryali could have been a little spicier. The rice was well cooked, the naan breads were light and flavourful and the chicken was tender in all the dishes.

So, all in all, a rather lovely little restaurant, and I’d go back there. I wasn’t looking for alcohol, but I didn’t see any on the menus, so I’m not sure if they were licensed. There was probably a bit more that could have been done with offering some slightly spicier dishes with the thali option (masala chicken was the other option, you could pick three from four) but the taste was fine.