Palma – Skalop

I hadn’t initially intended to come here, but apparently this regional chain is popular with locals, so I thought I’d better try it. The welcome process was a bit stilted, so I stood looking pensive for a while standing near the entrance trying to ascertain whether I was supposed to order at the counter or at a table. No-one came over, so I decided to progress this situation by just sitting at a table and looking confused. That did the trick, a staff member came over to take my order.

This puzzled me, they brought me an English menu and I hadn’t said anything up to that point. They must associate confused people with speaking English, which is fair enough. I’ve seen how British people travel abroad, and it’s not always the most elegant and subtle.

This reminded me of the beaker size cup they gave to Scott in Sheffield, but it was cheap. Goodness knows what beer it was, but it wasn’t one of my craft beer selections. It tasted like every lager in Europe tastes to me, which is adequate.

Squashed chicken and chips. I’m not sure how Spanish this is, but the portion size was actually a bit too large, although I bravely finished it. The quality was way better than I expected, tender chicken in a tasty breaded batter, all very moreish. And the chips are the ones I like the best, French fries, which didn’t disappoint either. It’s not exactly haute cuisine, but it was all entirely acceptable. The service improved somewhat after that, although there wasn’t much English being spoken (well, there was by me, including the odd Polish word that I keep using by mistake), but the staff were attentive and friendly which is all I need.

As quick service restaurants go, this was above average, a basic environment, but it was clean and comfortable. There was potential for a quicker welcome of guests, especially when they’re British and are easily confused, but everything else worked well. I think that I’d come here regularly if I lived in Mallorca.