Palma – Taj Mahal Blanquerna and Booking with The Fork

Well, that was a waste of time… I’m not really a fan of booking with discount sites, as there’s nearly always something wrong with the restaurant if they’re deluging out cheap food. However, The Fork, which is owned by TripAdvisor, has a set-up which allows restaurants to give discounts at certain times of the day, so I thought I’d make an effort to try a booking (and I have used them before in Milan, when the process went well). I went with the Indian restaurant Taj Mahal Blanquerna which had a 40% off the a la carte menu offer.

The first time I thought something was amiss was when Google sent a notification which suggested it couldn’t link my booking with a restaurant. Google is very good at adding my bookings to Google Maps, and Google suggested that the address provided by The Fork was wrong, but it gave a nearby address and a slightly different restaurant name, which was Taj Mahal 2.

I thought that perhaps Google was mistaken, so I went along to the restaurant armed with the photo of the frontage provided by The Fork. That to me is the key, if the restaurant looks the same, that’s the right one. Other than it didn’t, that frontage wasn’t at any address in the vicinity and the addresses simply didn’t match up. I thought about guessing about which restaurant they were trying to send me to, but I decided at that point that restaurants really should be trying to make things easier for customers, not as hard as they possibly can. I abandoned the booking, which is a shame, as it was well reviewed.