Palma – Beer Lovers Bar

I’m conscious that continuing my slight obsession for craft beer in Mallorca is going to be a challenge, but it appears that it will be possible.

A very nice little selection of beers and I noted later that they had more bottles and cans available in fridges. I asked which dark beers there were and the staff member was helpful, cautiously warning me that there was really only an imperial stout. Probably not the best strength to drink in the afternoon, but what could possibly go wrong? Incidentally, I liked that there was a range of beer styles which was balanced and sensible.

We agreed that it was sensible just to opt for a small beer, which was marginally expensive for Mallorca at just over €3, but worth every cent. A very drinkable stout and I verged on getting on another one, but thought that drinking too many beers of this ABV wouldn’t go well. A depth of taste and flavour, very lovely.

The bar offered food as well, with plenty of customers inside and there was a vibrant and welcoming feel. Service was warm and I hope that this concept is one which finds favour with the locals, as well as visitors, to encourage other locations to scrap their bland beer options and bring in exciting flavours.